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4 Funnel Tools to Build Your Fabulous Sales Funnel

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Ready to start building out your fabulous sales funnel? Obviously, you're going to need the right funnel tools. This is just a tiny list of all of the available tools out there. It's important for you to do your research, take a test drive or two (aka a free trial) and find the one that works best for you. There are just a few things you need before you can get started. Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to putting together both free and paid funnels:

Stand Alone Funnel Tools

These tools can help you build a sales funnel whether you have a website or not. If you aren't a blogger, have a dedicated store on your own website, or don't want to hire an agency, these stand-alone tools fit the bill for you. Again, this isn't a comprehensive list, but it will get you started.

Lead Pages

When it comes to building opt-in pages, LeadPages.net is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. They’ve tracked and tested a variety of page styles to determine which ones convert best, and they make it easy for you to build similar pages for your funnel.

It does come with a monthly fee (starting at $37), so before investing, you’ll want to be sure you can recoup your investment.


Clickfunnels has quickly become a big dog in the pack of sales funnel builders. They offer, what they tout, as scientifically designed sales funnels for a multitude of specific markets. For instance, if you're an author, select the author pages. If you are a direct sales/MLM marketer, choose those pages. If you are a product designer, voila' they have you covered. Coach? Consultant? Same thing. It offers plug and play with a drag and drop template setup. Here's the thing...if you're just starting out, it can be pricey. It starts at $97 a month.


Ontraport offers shopping cart functionality as well, so you can create powerful funnels that are fully integrated with your sales process. The benefit here is that you don’t have to try to sync your cart with your email system since it’s completely self-contained.


Probably the top tool for any business model, Infusionsoft is an all-in-one solution for customer management, funnel setup, mailing list, and even membership sites. It’s priced at the high end, but if you can (and will) use all its power, then Infusionsoft is well worth the investment.

Funnel Tools for WordPress

Thrive Leads

Thrive products are my favorite. They offer everything you need to build a beautiful WordPress site; including Thrive Leads.

The Thrive Leads product includes the ability to create any of the lead grabbing funnel tools you like: landing pages, optin boxes, inline forms, ribbons, banners, etc. Whether you want to build from scratch or use a set of templates, the control is in your hands.

FROM THEIR SITE: Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. That sentence is not wrong, but it barely scratches the surface of what this plugin is about. First and foremost, Thrive Leads is the list building solution that's created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversion optimization.

Thrive offers several options for purchase. A one year license covers all updates and support. A single license for one site is $67. If you want to use all of their services, you can opt for a yearly license which averages out to around $19 per month.


Instabuilder is similar to LeadPages and Clickfunnels but without the monthly investment. Unlike Clickfunnels, you choose how to build your pages. Therefore, it includes several funnel templates and a drag-and-drop page builder that makes it easy to get just the look you want. 

Pricing runs from $77 to $197 for a one year license for support and updates.

Email Service Providers You Need for Your Sales Funnel

Most every email service provider gives you the option to create a stand-alone landing page. Some include the option in their regular pricing, while others charge an additional fee. It really comes down to your budget and personal preferences. Again, take advantage of free trials to test out these funnel tools.


AWeber has long been a market leader. Because of this, it is one of the most widely known brands. AWeber has been the choice for many small business owners because it’s also economical. Pricing starts at less than $20 per month for up to 500 subscribers, AWeber offers both autoresponders and broadcast emails, list automation, and audience segmentation, so you can send emails exactly when—and to whom—you want. 


As a long time user of ConvertKit, I found it to be a very reliable, user-friendly program. Pricing starts at $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers. ConvertKit uses drag-and-drop styling to help you easily create the look and feel you want for your sales funnel. Additionally, it offers visual automation so you can see where your subscribers start and where you want them to end. Additionally, one of their optin form options is a stand-alone landing page. You can't designate it as a dedicated address, but it does keep you from needing a website to gather email addresses. All in all, it is a feature-rich option.

​​MailChimp continues to be a standard entry point of email management software. Their basic program is free for up to 2000 subscribers. If you want to remove MailChimp branding, pricing starts at $10 per month. It is also a feature-rich solution for building your fabulous sales funnel. 

Shopping Cart Funnel Tools

PayPal is the first place to stop when searching for a way to collect money. And after all, isn't that the ultimate purpose of a sales funnel.

Yet, it isn't the only option. Many stand-alone providers, such as Ontraport and Infusionsoft, include a shopping cart.

However, some WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce, include the option of a checkout page with built-in payment functions. Again, it comes down to your own personal wants and needs. Do you want an all-in-one solution? Then the expense of Infusionsoft or Clickfunnels may be your best option. If you are starting out and feel comfortable learning technology, a plugin for your WordPress website might be more in a beginning budget.

The Choice is Down to You

You can see that you have a lot of options when it comes to building out your sales funnel, but what are the must-have items? At the most basic level, you must have:

  • Landing Page: A way to create web pages. A simple WordPress website will fill this need, with a little bit of work
  • Email Capture and Management: You obviously have a lot of choices here. Again, it's about what fits your budget and your technical skill comfort. Infusionsoft may be top of the line, but it is technically challenging. By all means, NOT for a novice.
  • Shopping Cart:  PayPal is as easy as it gets when it comes to shopping carts. But don't feel like you are stuck there. Some other stand options include 1Shopping Cart, Woo Commerce, Infusionsoft, and even Shopify.

I recommend you start small. Build the funnel framework as simple as you can, using tools that don’t cost a fortune. Once you have a few funnels up and running, you will be able to see where they can use improvement, and how the tools available to you can help make your funnels convert better and work more efficiently.

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