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ADVENTURE: Keep it Fresh

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Adventure is a vital ingredient to stir the flames of love for your business. As long as we do the same-ol', same-ol' every day; listen to the same podcasts, read the same blogs, or go to the same meetings, STALE is the best descriptor of our work.

But how do you add adventure?

Shake It Up a Bit

As in life, so in business, a new environment can add a bit of spark. Do you have the flexibility to work in a different location? Even if it is a different room in the house, you will be more creative. If you have even more flexibility, take your work to the park, museum, or upscale hotel. To add even more adventure, invest in a co-op meeting space.

In the event you can't leave your current work space, consider rearranging things. Turn your desk to a different wall. Hang up some different pictures. Put some different curtains on the window. If possible, sit in a different chair.

Here's the thing: our mind reacts to differences in the environment and routine. For instance, I bet you have a routine when you take a shower. We all have unconscious habits like, which arm to wash first. Even a little thing like washing the other arm first signals the brain. "HEY! SOMETHING NEW IS HAPPENING!" Your brain goes on alert. Adventure extends the power of curiosity to even greater rewards. And, of course, we get that dopamine hit to keep us on the hunt for more.

Take the Adventure on the Road

When was the last time you went to a really great conference? I mean, more than simply sitting in a room listening to the latest pitch fest? Often, we go to the same conferences with the same people in the same cities. 

Consider attending a conference that supports a different part what you do. For instance, are you in an industry that focuses on creating beauty on the outside - home, accessories, clothing, cosmetics? Consider attending a conference or presentation about internal beauty. Are you involved with an offline business that needs foot traffic to survive? Consider attending a conference on the psychology of color or fragrance. 

Alternatively, when was the last time you checked out your local community college for courses? If you are stuck indoors all the time, take a horse riding or scuba diving class. Do you need to be better organized? Perhaps there is a leader in the community who teaches organization, like Liana George of By George Organizing Solutions or Jennifer Snyder of Neat as a Pin Organizing.

Add Something EXTRA

Face it, if you're bored with your business, your customers probably are, too.. Surprise them by creating something EXTRA. Are you a product or content creator? Develop a short training series and take them behind the scenes. For instance, SHOW them your process of the art your produce, the signs you develop or the accessories you create. It will make you slow down and think about what you do in a more intentional way. You may discover you fall in love with the process, all over again.

If you operate as a contractor for a marketing company, think about what you can bring to the table that will help your customers use the product in a new way. For example, you can record a tutorial on how to create different combinations with your products. Perhaps you can show them how to use them for enhancements, or teach how the products affect mood or health goals..

As a result, your clients and customers will have the surprise of delight, and you will re-educate yourself on the finer points of what you offer.

You Have to Make it Happen

Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for the next adventure we take. As an entrepreneur, you already have a high threshold for risk. And, if you are struggling in your business right now, you might feel like it's all the risk you can stand. But I believe that if you will give yourself the gift of adventure - even if it's just moving your desk to another corner of the room - you will see things in a new way. As a result, you will have more to draw on as you work, and more to give to the people you work for.

What have you got to lose?

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