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ATTENTION: What we focus on, grows

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Look Into My Eyes

Attention. It's an incredible gift. "Being listened to is so close to being loved, that most people don't know the difference."

I can't remember who said this first, but it changed everything for me. And, for just a moment, think about the difference it makes to you personally when someone really listens to you - really looks at you.

We live in a world of smart devices which connect us to the world. However, we are more cut off from human interaction than ever before. How often have you sat in the room or at a table, but everyone is staring at their phone?

More than ever before, this gift of being listened to - being seen - is desperately needed.

Pay Attention

When we "pay" attention, we “render, bestow, or give.” That's kind of a no-brainer, huh. However, as a business owner, what does that really look like?

As an example, I'd like to offer Dov Gordon of the The Alchemist Entrepreneur. I don't think I've EVER experienced the power of attention like Dov provides to those who come into his world. I learned about him as I was searching to discover a smarter way to reach my own clients and potential clients. As a result, I discovered he's not just another marketing guy. 

Recently, I received a standard mailing list email from his organization. The email asked a question. I replied. And thus began a two day email conversation, where he asked questions and responded. Wow. HE renders-bestows-gives - of his time - of himself. It's inspiring. It makes me want to be more involved in his world. And THAT is what happens when WE turn our eyes and actions toward our own customers and clients.

Even if You Can't, It Matters

When we really begin to dig into the WHY of our potential customers and our current clients, sometimes we see needs we can't answer. Consequently, you come to a decision point: will you or won't you meet that need. Often, we can create a product or service which will make like better for them. Usually, we can't. And you know what, that's okay. We can't always give a YES answer. However, the simple fact you listened, that you invested time to hear, is an acknowledgment to them that they are important to you.

And sometimes, that's all that's needed. It goes back to the quote by Will Schwalbe, who wrote a book titled The End of Your Life Book Club a memoir of the conversations he had with his mother during her treatment for pancreatic cancer. Undivided. Attention. What a rarity that is in our world. I'm guessing that even as you read this, there are at least two other things dragging your attention away: another browser tab, a sound in the background, the next task that needs to be completed.

Learn - Listen - Lead

The power of attention shows up many ways in business. In my opinion, for an entrepreneur, listening is just one of the core concepts we need to implement.

In my system, the Rule Your Realm Roadmap - LISTEN is the primary pivot point. Included are the tasks of creating craveable (my word) content, growing your empire and educating your nation. As a result, my first responsibility is to listen to what you want, and create a way for you to get it. And for most of you, it is consistent and growing income.

I've discovered through my experience, that in order to get paid, we must get seen. Unfortunately, one of the hurdles women who work from home have to overcome, is in the area of respect. Respect for ourselves - and respect from others. We grow these by how we think, appreciating our experience and knowing our community.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

How you need to give attention to your community isn't the same as someone else's way. When you really know your people, you will SEE them. And...they will SEE you.


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