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BACK TO BASICS: Ditch Over-complicated

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Keep It Simple, Sweetie

The basics are those staples in life you can always count on. 

Got flour? How about some salt? You can eat if you have a bit of water. Own a pencil and a scrap of paper? You can communicate with the world.

Because we live in a world overrun with complexity, stress, frustration, and confusion are rampant. Everywhere we look, someone has a new and innovative way to answer our questions or meet our needs.

The person who can boil complex concepts into basic precepts is the one who will lead the crowd.

Complex analogies don't serve you or your audience. We want the basics. We want someone to help us with arithmetic, not algebra. (Unless, of course, your business is math.)

Not only does complexity cause problems for your customers and clients, it causes overwhelm for you.

Basics for the Excellent

Over and again, you'll hear me talking about the skills and talents you already possess. You are excellent in your craft; a leader in your field, an authority in the process.

However, when you struggle in your business, it's likely a sign of making processes over-complicated; which leads to overwhelm. This is especially evident when you find yourself wandering around the house, making quick trips to the grocery, or deciding to take the day off for no apparent reason. You've dug yourself into a bog of complication and need a hand out.

You can eliminate the overwhelm by distilling your business down to it's most basic elements. And then, distilling those elements down to the basics of the process. Too many moving parts, coupled with an overload of processes, creates chaos in the mind. Clarity is always the issue here.

A confused mind says NO! With this in mind, let me propose that the issue isn't that you need more moving pieces. The need is to define the complex in the simplest of terms.


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
Ernst F. Schumacher

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”
Pete Seeger

The exact same sentiment about complexity. One is approachable. The other, makes you slow down and think about the meaning. Either is okay. I hope it helps you see what I'm talking about. 

As you consider your own business, and how you communicate what you do to others, do you lean toward complexity or simplicity? In your everyday business work, do you feel overwhelmed? Perhaps it's time to ditch the over-complicated and get back to basics.

Business Basics

The number one need for a business to stay viable is sales. That is a basic. How you sell what you offer can be basic as well. It's when we try to do everything all at one time that we get overwhelmed.

We live in a world that has forgotten the power of mastery. We are information junkies. I can raise my hand here. Ask any entrepreneur to show your their browser bookmarks or how many email lists they've signed up for, and they will sheepishly look away.

Here are the absolute basics when it comes to building a business. If any have become muddied for you, invest the time to pare back and get to the essentials.

  • check
    Business idea
  • check
    Passion for the business
  • check
    A way to get your idea in front of people
  • check
    A way to get paid
  • check
    Delivery of the goods and services

It's Not About the How

Because there are innumerable ways to accomplish any of these tactics, it is important to discover a process that makes sense to you. And, what I mean by this is a system to help you clearly communicate to others what you do, the ability to keep passion burning in your heart, and the willingness to let go of some of what you've collected along the way. If it doesn't serve you anymore, it's time to get rid of it. The more complex your product and service, the more important it is to drill down to the most basic elements.

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You get there by asking Why and What. The more why and what questions you ask, the more clear you'll become. And your clarity will empower you to simply communicate to the people you want to serve. When you speak clearly and simply to your ideal customer, they feel more confident working with you.

Your Customers Want Simple

Let's face it, your customers don't care what CRM you use, just that you communicate with them. Your ideal customer doesn't care what your payment system is, just that they can give you money or get a refund. Google email marketing systems, and you'll get about 192,000 results! By all means find one you like and use it. That simple.

In another example, search for web hosting and you'll end up with about 190,000 results. Pick one you like and use it.

Quickly decide which social media platform your ideal client is on and master it. In fact, don't try to be everywhere all the time, until you master the primary hangout of your tribe. Back to Basics, Baby.

And speaking of Social Media, you can get SIMPLE help with getting in front of your customers when you download the Social Media Matrix. It helps you know who is on each social media channel, along with the best kind of content to post. It really gets you back to the basics. 

Break it Down - Make it Better

Here's your assignment. Choose one of the systems of your business you really don't like. Grab yourself that pencil and piece of paper, and write down all the parts of the process. Yes, I mean it. Every. Single. One.

Now, look at your list and decide what can go. If there are repetitive elements, combine them into one. As a matter of fact, try to get the whole thing down to four steps. If you can do that, you can comprehend the system and strategy. If you can't, you may have created a Complexity Monster. Imagine your customers or clients moving through all of the parts. Are you losing interest and engagement? They could be swallowed up in the maze.

Break it Down. Make it Simple. Make it Better. Become a Master.

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