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Ya Gotta Serve Somebody – Choose How

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Serve it Up the Right Way

The way you serve your customers is up to you. Sure, there's always a  business-model-of-the-moment, and if you like that style, that's wonderful. 

But maybe you don't want to create a course...
start a group...
or sell face to face.

You might want to sell a lot of low-end products instead of a premium-priced service.

It's okay. You can choose how to serve the people you want to sell your products and services to. 

Along with understanding the pros and cons of the model you choose, make sure you can meet your income goals with the model you've chosen. And of course, you must make sure your customers feel like you see them and care about their wants  and needs.

Let's face it. If you sell products with an average retail price of $5.99, you have to sell a lot of them to create a six-figure income. On the other hand, if you offer high-end services at $5,000 to $20,000, you have to up your game for sales presentation and skill.

Learn to embrace your personality, the way you enjoy interacting with clients, and what you are willing to endure to meet your profit demands. It's easy to get into a Facebook group and feel like you've got it all wrong. But at the end of the day, it comes down to you, your goals and your customers.

You started your business to have some control. So, be the boss, Baby. Make the choice and go for it.

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