Bridge the Gap: Make the Journey Easy for Your Customer

Bridge the Gap: Make the Journey Easy for Your Customer

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The Customer Journey

Whoever your customer is, she is looking for a simple way to engage with you. 

Consider your customer (or potential customer) is at Point A on the journey. She's just learned about you, and is curious if you have what she wants or needs.

You are at Point B - the place where your expertise, skill, and personal financial need  come together.

YOU want the customer to fly over the bridge to you. But, if she hasn't ever crossed the bridge to you before, it's a bit scary. Are you trustworthy? Are your products any good? What if she doesn't like it? Will you make it hard for her to get her money back?

It is your responsibility to make that journey across the bridge as easy as possible.

One little step of help can make all the difference. How many barriers are in the way of a potential customer purchasing from you? What can you do to get out the wrecking ball, tear down a wall or two, and help her feel more comfortable and confident in purchasing your products?

It doesn't matter what kind of product or service you offer. Whether you are an artisan creator of unique handcrafted products, a consultant for a direct sales or network marketing company, or a money manager for multi-million dollar estate planning - your job is to bridge the gap.

Make it Easy, Darling.

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