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A CLEAR PATH: Set Your Future’s Agenda

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A Path in the Making

Without a doubt, you've heard at least one joke about men and their hesitancy to ask directions. And, I would guess you've heard one or two about women and compass directions. Of course, the reason we laugh at these jokes is because there is an element of truth to them. And while we may laugh at the jokes, none of us wants to find ourselves at the end of life having followed the wrong plan. I know you don't want to end up on the wrong path. That's where the Priya Ardis quote comes into play. Regardless of how you map out a strategy, the path you follow is one of your making.

You Are Here

Every path is different. However, all of us experience ups and downs. The power of determination and commitment show up in the down times when we hit obstacles. You'll notice on the graph that one of the most dangerous times for our business is after we've had some success. Complacency will create downward momentum. So, it's important to keep the love and excitement alive - especially when things are going well.

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For example, in my article about Intention: What the Heart Wants, I talk about jumping out of an airplane. However you jump, with a wing suit or a parachute, there is a way to create a controlled descent. The same is true in business. And even though your entrepreneurial-risk-taker-heart may be ready to make the big leap, without a jump plan, all you do is crash.

Les Brown and Your Path

Risk Takers with a Plan

Entrepreneurs have an internal drive to take risks. Otherwise, we'd be happy to punch a time clock and let other people take the lead. On the other hand, it isn't just risky to build a business without a plan - it's suicide. You can't get to your destination if you don't have some benchmarks along the way. How will you know you've arrived? Greatness doesn't appear by accident. It arrives on the wings of work and wisdom.

Today, I encourage you to look at your path. Have you created a plan to get where you want to go, or are you winging it? Decide now to consider the benchmarks you'd like to achieve along the way. Create a strategy for the dangers of complacency. And most of all, understand that each step you take is creating a path. Is it the path you want?


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