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Cook Up a Club to Create Community

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It takes the right ingredients to cook up a club to engage a community and keep them coming back for more. But like any good recipe, when you follow the steps you end up with a tasty concoction. Now it might not always look like the picture, but it doesn't mean it isn't wonderful. Your experience and expertise will set you apart from the crowd. Mix in daily, dedicated practice, and before you know it, you'll have an award-winning club your customers are proud to call their own.

Think of your community as a tasty CLUB Sandwich. Between those slices of bread are an array of delectable ingredients. Your club is like that, too. But, it all starts with the bread. And for our purposes, it's the content and materials you've already created.

Serve Your Club What You Have on Hand

You’ve got a wealth of information in that beautiful brain of yours but are you using it to better serve your business? There’s a fine line of sharing all your hard-earned knowledge for free and sharing it only with your paying clients. If you increase the ways to share your knowledge, you can attract more clients while earning more income at the same time.

Let’s dig into the ingredient list for your club sandwich…

Step One: Written Content

I’ll assume you have dozens of blog posts, short reports, checklists, guide sheets, or even an ebook written since most people start with the written word when creating content. One way to repurpose these blog posts and reports is to sort them into similar categories or by similar topics and combine them into an ebook which you can then sell on Amazon. Or maybe these topics lend themselves more to a printed workbook with blank pages which your clients can write on and take notes. You haven’t written brand new content; you’ve just organized previous content and given it a new cover.

Step Two: Video

Take these same blog posts and reports and create short videos on each subject. Post these videos on your YouTube channel and cross-promote them on Facebook with links leading back to your website. If video frightens you because you don’t want to be on camera, create PowerPoint slides with the text and then you have the choice of recording a voice over (with your own voice, of course) or simply adding some royalty-free background music that plays while the slides advance. One free and simple way to do this is a video creation tool named Lumen5. It pulls in the RSS feed from your website so you can create videos with your content. Or, you can simply paste in text from a document you have on your computer, and create a walk-through video.

Another video option is to have an animation created based on the subject matter. It is more costly than being in front of the camera but it’s also a way to garner attention. 

Not everyone is an avid reader and using video helps build that personal relationship between you and your potential clients. It’s most powerful if you get on camera because not only can they put a face to the name but they can hear your voice, your inflections, and your personality. It's another reason why live video on your social media channels is so incredibly powerful.

If you’re a real talker instead of a natural writer, get out the camera or your phone, and start recording your videos. Then send it to a transcriptionist who will turn it into the written word. An instant blog post or short report!

Step Three: Audio

Turn your blog posts, reports, or ebook into an audio file. Audiobooks are incredibly popular and you can sell that on your website or via a site like Audible. Other recordings can be bundled together into an audio class, a free download opt-in gift, or as a teleclass. If your specialty is motivational or inspirational, record daily motivational audios and for a monthly subscription (aka club) they will be delivered to your clients who subscribe.

You can also follow the above advice and work backward, starting with recording the audios and having them transcribed into blog posts, email series, or social media posts.

Consider turning these audio files into a podcast. There are multiple podcast platforms to help you build your reputation and authority. Additionally, these audio files can be uploaded (again) to YouTube. Nice, huh.

Repurpose Your Way to Passive Income

Combining your current content into different forms now gives you the opportunity to sell these as passive income streams. Keep in mind that different people have different ways of learning and absorbing material, so covering your bases between written, video and audio options is appealing.

If you’re stuck on how to achieve all this or if it seems too overwhelming to conquer, come to my free webinar, How to Stop Trading Dollars for Hours, to learn how to create a passive income stream that will supplement your current business income. You'll learn how to build a club you and your customers will love!

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