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How to Create Content Your Customers Crave

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Voracious Content Consumers...

Your customers want MORE from you. Not only do they want to purchase the products and services you provide, they want to know how to use them the best way. So whether you sell low-priced jewelry or high-end concierge services, you must become a content creator.

Understandably, this might make you cringe a bit. However, if you develop the discipline of mind-reading (aka market research), this will be easier than you might imagine.

Distill Your Genius

Here's my promise to you...if you take the key components of what you offer your customers, and put them in a framework, you will never run out of ideas of what types of content to create.

In your market research, you've discovered the topics your customers and potential customers care the most about. Decide to help them with those topics. At the heart of the sales process, it's important to understand your clients buy from you because of how you and the products make them feel.

Undoubtedly, there are three to five core concepts of what you give clients. In other words, we're talking about the central part of your genius. 

Firstly, you may think that all you do is show your products and give your customer a few ideas on how to accessorize her daily look. But here's the thing, you are the expert and your customer isn't. 

They want to leave your presence and use what they've learned to make their lives better. When you show them how, you help them become the hero in their own story. They love you for it.

Next, put those three to five concepts into an easy to follow roadmap. Begin their journey with the fundamentals and help them move to the more complicated.

If you're a coach or course creator, you may already have an idea of what these tenets are. However, if you sell physical products, this may feel a bit trickier. So, I'm going to use a costume jewelry sales consultant as an example.

Put Your Content in a Frame 

Sally isn't sure about the right length necklace or correct style for different styles of clothing. She wants to know it is appropriate to add more sparkle in the workplace, and when it isn't. Sally has a few pieces of antique jewelry from her grandmother she wants to show off, but she doesn't know how to make them look modern. Her husband Mark has given her some expensive diamond and sapphires, too. She wants to know how to frame them with her less expensive pieces.

Consider creating cheat sheets and infographics that how and when to layer. Incorporate different body styles and which kinds of jewelry are the best for your customers who have smaller frames vs those who have a larger frame. 

Each step of your roadmap generates its own unique pieces of content. For instance, with five central concepts, it should be possible to create a minimum of fifteen different pieces of unique content to offer your customers.

Reframe and Repurpose

After you've developed the worksheet or cheatsheet, create a walkthrough video. For our example, the video teaches them how to create looks for special occasions, or how to use your jewelry in unique ways. Specifically, show her how she can use a necklace in her hair. Of course, you do this in a Facebook Live and put all the links for your products in the description. Next, upload the video to YouTube with an SEO optimized description and links to your website.

No matter your market focus, you can use these three simple steps to generate all the content you need for a year.

So, here's the CraveableTM Content Framework for you...

Create CraveableTM Content

Do Market Research to discover what your clients care about.

Decide how you can show how your products meet their needs.

Distill the information into no more than seven categories.

Break each category down to 3 or more subcategories. 

Create a simple worksheet or cheat sheet for each subcategory. 

Do a walkthrough video of the worksheet or cheat sheet. To save time and create a following, do the video live on Facebook and post the replay on YouTube.

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