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CURIOSITY: Stay Interested

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Snoop Dogg (or cat)

Curious people are sometimes called snoopers, busy bodies or just plain nosey. However, curiosity is a powerful force for growth when applied to our business and the people we serve.

The ability to remain curious is the sign of a healthy, active business. Likewise, a lack of curiosity shows that the thrill is gone.

So, how do you recapture curiosity when you're already struggling to be interested in your business?

Judah the Cat

We had a massive tom cat, lovingly named Judah. And to me, Judah is the picture of relentless pursuit. My elder son owned a pencil topper he called Smiley. Judah's one task in life? Search and recover Smiley from any and every place Dustin hid it. No matter which drawer, and under what mountain of paper, Judah would find Smiley and drag it out to bat around the house. It was a fine game for a long time. Alas, Smiley was lost forever in Judah land. In all the household of things to play with, Smiley held the most interest for Judah. And, because of his interest, all these many years later, we smile when we think of Judah and the Pencil Topper.

What made Judah love THAT particular item? Likely, the smell of our son on the item. And, because Dustin teased Judah with it when he was supposed to have been doing school work. Their joint attraction created Judah's curiosity. (Note: the cat in the video is not our Judah.)

Curiosity Creates Common Ground

The only way to learn, is to be curious. Without curiosity, we don't learn new skills or information. Curiosity in your business includes both your business skills and your customers.  As a result, educating yourself on the wants and needs of your customers opens opportunities to learn more about how to reach them.

Where are they in Social Media? What books do they read? Why do they listen to pop over country over techno? How do they view the world?

Of course when you care enough to investigate, you grow to care about meeting the needs. As a consequence, you realize you need more skill. Curiosity helps you genuinely care more about your clients, which leads you to get more education in your field, perfect your craft and elevate your authority. It's a win-win - for you and them.

Hard-Wired to be Curious

We are created to find stuff out. The brain is hard-wired for the reward shot of dopamine we get when we learn something new. And, I believe entrepreneurs have an extra-dose of curiosity. Otherwise, we don't leap to create something of our own out there on the edges of the business landscape.

How much time do you spend scrolling Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? You peek in on the lives of people you don't even know! Think about it - without this voyeurism tendency, Reality TV would have died long ago. 

Turn that dopamine-hunting drive into gold. For example, invest 1 hour per day to learn more about what you do. That equals 1200 hours of education in a year. Coupled with 2 hours per week of snooping on your ideal client, and you intuitively grasp the heart and soul of the people you serve.

Rather than a waste of time in the Facebook rabbit hole, curiosity is now a mastery skill for good in your business.

Your Queendom Awaits

We all want to be part of a community of people who get us. It's why we follow certain bands, belong to political parties and attend the churches we do. 

There is a group of people waiting for you to show up. If you really want to fall in love with your business again, find that group of people. It's rime for you to rise and rule. But only if you're curious enough to learn more.

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