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Development – Grow Your Work At Home Queendom

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Development Step 1 - Engage Ambassadors

Have you ever been to a party and someone said, "I'm sorry there aren't more people here."? Did you wonder what they thought about you and if you weren't important enough?

When we don't value and pay attention to the people who are already our customers, clients, or people in our network, we run the risk of alienating the very ones who are helping us move up and into our dreams and destiny.

The Innovation Adoption Lifecycle is standard information in the tech industry. But, for those of us who are working day by day to build a business from home, it's easy to forget this development analysis tool.

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2.5% of the people who follow you are the Innovators. They are the people who see what you are doing and want to get in from the beginning. Imagine, as my article on Discipline discusses, you only need 1000 raving fans to create a potentially substantial (even 6-figure) income. The first 25 people who join your email list are your Innovators.

The next 13.5% (135 potential customers) are your Early Adopters. These are the people who hang back a little, but catch the idea early on. The next 340 people are your Early Majority. When you work to build your first 500 email subscribers who become your potential clients, you have already created the heart of your business.

It's easy to set your sights on the 500, but if you ignore the first 25, you run the risk of losing the people who believe the most in you and your mission.

Engage this segment of your community and you will reap rewards for years to come.

My Clan

I recently shared a story with the Innovators and Early Adopters of the Work At Home Queen community. I told them about my early days in Party Plan and how it sparked my love for the industry, working from home and serving women. But, what I didn't tell them, is that there were a handful of women who helped me explode my business. I crept out of the gate with a handful of friends (innovators) who supported me by holding the first at home presentations.

After a short time, I ran out of the friends and family circle and needed new relationships. Several months later, I found them by working as an exhibitor at our Tri-State Fair in Amarillo. Despite the the investment of time and money, it was the most powerful thing I could have done. I had the opportunity to engage with many women at that event. As a result, they became the Early Adopters who believed in me and fueled the rest of my party plan career. I could always count on them to support whatever venture I was in. In spite of the fact they didn't love all the products, they trusted me. Many of them are still friends today.

Who is in your clan?

Development Step 2 - Elevate Your Community

How do you raise your community - your clan, tribe, network or family - to a higher level? True community develops because of shared experiences. I like to say the idea is "fellowship" because we're all in the same boat.

It's called FELLOWSHIP because we're all in the same boat. - Donna Woolam

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Development must be intentional. Ask these questions:

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    Where will you gather your group? Facebook Group? Zoom Room? Slack?
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    How often will you communicate with them directly? What will you say?
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    How will you communicate with them? Email? Video? Live Event?

As a result of engaging your fans, you develop deeper connections around your philosophy, mission or cause. Furthermore, you create an environment where the individuals in your community connect to one another. Ultimately, this layer of attachment to you and one another will turn your business into a movement. No matter which segment of the market you are serving, when you understand your Audience, you will create a higher level of interaction and stand out from the pack in your crowded marketplace.

Development Step 3 - Educate Your Nation

 As a result of engaging and elevating your community, you discover your community truly wants to hear from you. More specifically, they want you to provide information that makes their life better.

For example, do you represent a company that offers nutriceuticals? What information can you offer your community (who is obviously interested in the topic) which will make their life more healthy?

On the other hand, perhaps you are in the fashion segment of the market. How can you help your client and potential customer elevate their style with some tips and tricks of the experts?

Perhaps you are a coach or consultant. Are you a real estate or insurance agent? How can you educate your community around the newest techniques, statutes or industry-wide changes?  Maintaining a relationship through education will put you at the top of mind when they, or their friends and family, are ready to purchase.

In It For the Long Term

Naturally, the idea of development means you are in this work at home queen lifestyle for the long term. Bill Gates famously said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

As an entrepreneur, you likely have an Innovator or Early Adopter personality. And because of this, it's easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome.  I know, because I am one. And, I've been guilty of the tendency to look for easier answers when the work isn't moving fast enough. But it all comes down to this, stick to the course. Follow the plan. Let patience do it's work and allow the harvest to grow.

Put in the work with your first 25, and watch them become your biggest advocates.

Invest in elevating your first 50, and see them propel you to 100.

Continue to Engage, Elevate and Education your nation and experience the growth of your Queendom to 500, 1000, 10,000, and even 100,000 raving fans and supporters.

But it all begins with the One. You. Invest time to understand who you want to serve and how to create community around your ideas, products and services. 

As you can see, Development is a mindset that becomes a skillset. Understand your community and then serve them.

What are some of your favorite ways to build community? Share in the comments!

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