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How to Build a Fabulous Funnel Followup Sequence

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The web pages that make up your sales or optin funnel are only the beginning. To truly encourage sales, you need to stay in contact with your readers. The easiest way is through your email manager. It's time to create a sequence of periodic emails with related offers. I call this your Fabulous Sales Funnel Followup Sequence.

Let’s take a look at a typical funnel followup sequence for a free opt-in series. In this case, your reader has attended a free webinar that promoted a high-ticket training program. In the days that follow, you’ll want to stay in contact with an autoresponder sequence that automatically sends an email at specific intervals.

Let me set your fears to rest. This doesn't have to be complicated. Remember...Keep It Simple Sally. The great news is that once it is created, you don't have to worry about it again, except for a few tweaks here and there. Remember this - we're looking for AUTOPILOT, not Helicopter Mom.

Following is a simple 5-step process I learned from my coach, Pamela Sterling. At the end is an additional step on how to move non-buyers along to another sequence.

Funnel Followup Email #1: Problem

There are two parts to this email.

Specifically, Part #1 addresses the emotional reason the subscriber requested the information. As a result, it's important to address the pain and frustration head on, as well as the cost of not taking action to get the answer to the problem. It is important to remember you are offering a SOLUTION for the PROBLEM which your subscriber came to you for an answer.

Additionally, Part #2 of the email addresses the technical aspects of how to again access your Solution. If you are using a traditional two-step optin formula, this is the first email they receive after they confirm their email address.

As a reminder, we are pretending our Fabulous Funnel is tied to a webinar. This first email gives the reader information about or access to your free webinar. Specifically, this is a link to the replay, or instructions to join you for the live event.

When you remind subscribers about a live webinar, you definitely want to include a couple of reminder emails. In this case, the reminder emails are considered 1A, 1B, etc.)

Funnel Followup Email 2: Promise

The heart of this email is our customer's hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Here we paint a picture of what it can be like for them if they take advantage of our solution. In other words, it's time to unlock your inner storyteller! For instance, "Imagine how it would feel to...". This is what's possible when you...".

We, of course, want to give them a Call to Action. For instance, In the case of a live webinar Followup Funnel Email #2 includes a link to the replay.  

On the other hand, if Email #1 was directed to a Webinar Replay, this email serves a slightly expanded purpose. In particular, it’s a good idea to offer:

  • 1
    A few bullet points of what they learned (and how that ties to the pain point).
  • 2
    Encouragement to watch the replay (and learn how to get to their **desire***. And, if you can legitimately say it’s only available for the next XX days, that's even better.
  • 3
     And a tiny, tiny, tiny soft sell to purchase the program. Say something like, "Perhaps you're the kind of person who already knows the XYZ program is right for you. If so, you can get more information about getting started HERE." (with a link to the sales page) Place this in your PS line.

Funnel Followup Email 3: Proof

After a few days, you want to follow-up again. However, in this email address personal case studies (if you have them), industry statistics, or myths versus truth. This is how we appeal to the logical side of the customer. 

Here's how it stacks up so far: Email #1 speaks to their pain. Email #2 speaks to their hopes. And, Email #3 shows them the proof of what is possible for them. 

For example: (Myth) Many people believe working from home is a simple, no stress profession which requires little skill. (Truth) However, the truth is, in order to create a highly profitable work from home business you need to have systems and balances in place. These systems keep you on target, in the green, and out of chaos and frustration. Working from home also requires skills you might not have considered, which is why it is important to add continuing education and coaching to your business budget.

When combined with a great offer, reading about the results someone else achieved can be a powerful motivator.

Funnel Followup Email 4: Ping

We incorporate a PING email to develop an interactive conversation with the subscriber. We do this by asking them to complete a survey or respond to a question. This is an especially helpful tactic if the email is going out BEFORE a planned live webinar, because it helps you know what information you can give to answer the attendees questions. Alternatively, you can ask for feedback on something you have already sent them.

Funnel Followup 5: Promotion

This email is straight up SELLING. The power of this email is the urgency it creates.

NOW is the time for them to make a decision. For example, let them know the replay is going away (if it is); the reduced price is disappearing; or, the extra bonuses will not be available after...

You can also answer any objections by listing some FAQs or even questions you’ve received about your refund policy, who the program is for, or payment options.

Again, remind them about the offer. At this point, you may want to encourage the reader to email you with questions (if you have the systems in place to manage a lot of emails, that is).

Funnel Followup Email 6 and beyond:

If your reader reaches this point without buying, then it may be that your product is just not right for her. From this point forward, you should continue to stay in contact by offering great information, case studies, tips and other interesting content, but also to offer other products that might be of interest.

One important thing to remember about this email sequence: if your reader buys your program at any point, you must remove her from this sequence. It will make no sense for her to get email #5 with that final offer reminder if she purchased your program after email #3. Most autoresponder services, such as AWeber, have automation built in that allows you to move subscribers from one list to another based on their actions, so be sure to set that up as you’re building your funnel emails.

This kind of hand’s off approach to email marketing is what will help you build a true passive Fabulous Followup Sales Funnel, so look for opportunities to use this system as you build your business.

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