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Get to the Heart of the Matter: Your Core Values

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Your Core Values and Integrity

Core Values aren't talked about much unless you're creating a Vision or Mission Statement. But the truth is, if you don't run your business through the filter of your most important values - you are cheating. You cheat yourself and the people you serve.

So, what are core values? They are the internal values which drive you and make you the person you are.

This is my favorite example:
You are a highly ambitious woman, with a desire to create a multiple six- or seven- figure business. You want to express your vision and mission through many different ways: write a book, speak at conferences, be a highly-sought-after media guest, and create an online course or membership. All of these are to serve the greatest number of people and get your message out to the broadest spectrum possible; as well as create a significant income.

However, family and community are very high on your core values. You don't want to sacrifice daily time with your family in order to speak at conferences and events.

Additionally, you are a deeply spiritual woman who wants to honor God in everything you do. You want to be careful to present Christ in the best way possible.

Your core values dictate how you will make yourself available for those closest to you, and those you want to serve. They also inform where you will make yourself available.

Get it?

The work of understanding your core values is important. Rather than narrowing your life, clarity in this area will unlock incredible amounts of freedom. You know what to say "yes" to, and when to say "no."

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