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INTENTION: What the heart wants

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Stretching to Your Purpose

I am a bit of a word nerd. Structure, etymology, definitions: all give me a lot of food for thought. The word INTENTION is no different. See if you agree with me about how this word helps you fall in love with your business, again.


very attentive, eager, waiting, strained, sense of having the mind fixed (upon something), purpose, goal, end, aim, attention, application, a stretching out, lean toward, strain

Online Etymology Dictionary

Intention is the WHAT Not the HOW

You have a goal - your intention. Yet, we often confuse the WHAT of the end result, with the HOW of the process to get it.

Let me explain...

When I coach a woman toward the destination she envisions for her business, I'll say:

"Imagine you in the future. What do you have? What are you experiencing?"

More often than not, she will tell me something like:

I have 10 new high-end clients, I have an online course running, I have finished my first book.

Obviously, these items craft an excellent array of achievement. Yet in reality, they explain the HOW. Unfortunately, they don't tell me WHAT she truly wants

In reality, as I dig deeper I uncover her true intention. After all, what she actually desires from life is:

the look of joy on her kids' faces when she tells them they are going to Disneyland;
financial liberty when she makes the last payment on her credit cards;
to experience the awe-struck wonder of the evening light as she paints on the French Riviera.

Does that make sense? As much as the how and why are important, the WHAT is the bull's eye. It is measurable. You either make it - or you don't.

Become the Intention

I've never jumped out of an airplane. Have you?

Actually, when it comes right down to it, I'm pretty freaked out about heights. Yet, the picture I chose for this article portrays  the INTENTION of Bryant McGill's quote perfectly.

Like jumping from an airplane, once you have determined your intention, the only job left is to move forward until it becomes reality. 

Or to put it another way, you don't sorta jump out of an airplane. You do or don't. It's the Yoda principle. 

Try no. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

And, to put it in a completely different way, my Mama used to say, "Donna, the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Of course that simply means that thinking about something, and doing it, are two different things.

Put Your Intentions to Work for You

It is important to realize that a clear destination empowers you to lean into the work that needs to be done. Otherwise, you spin around like a top. You may look like you're achieving progress, but you're really just spinning in circles.

To clarify, remember that intentions are not your goals. On the contrary, goals are the mini-milestones you set in order to reach your destination. For instance, if your destination is a cruise with your family and extended family, your goals will be the tactics and strategies you use to get there. It might be new customers. However those new customers can come from any number of places - not just 10 new high-end clients.

When the WHAT is clear, your heart is open to an unlimited number of ways to bring it to pass. 

Finally, determine to become so clear on what you want, that you become the person who accomplishes it. Another question you can ask yourself when you feel stuck is this: 

"If I was already the person who had a trip to the French Riviera scheduled, how would I behave today?" 



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