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How to Be a Mind Reader and Get More Sales

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What is the Value of a Satisfied Customer?

How much money would it add to your budget if you knew just what your customer wants AND how to supply it to them, in a way that all but guarantees a sale every single time? What if you could be an expert mind reader?

When you are a mind reader, you understand the deep wants and needs of your customer and potential customers. And after all, each of us wants to feel like the people we do business with us appreciate our loyalty to them.

When you develop the skill of mind reading, you easily create products and services your clients want. As a result, you make it easy for them to say YES to you. ‚Äč

To begin, let's define mind reading. I don't mean some astrophysical hoodoo voodoo. Mind reading for the ambitious, Christian female entrepreneur is market research.

Because it takes time to do the research, most entrepreneurs ignore this critical element of building a successful business. Yet if you dedicate yourself upfront, you save hour upon hour wasted on creating or trying to sell the wrong products and services. Additionally, you save the hundreds to thousands of dollars you might spend in useless advertising. How do I know? Because I've made those mistakes. Yeah. Bummer.

5 Easy Steps to Become a Master Mind Reader

When you: think like your ideal client thinks, go where your ideal client goes, and speak like your ideal client speaks, it is easy to communicate with them. They will believe you are a mind reader.

  • 1
    Dedicate a minimum of 1 Hour per week to market research.
  • 2
    Identify and subscribe to 2-5 magazines your ideal client likes to read.
  • 3
    Locate and subscribe to 5-10 blogs your ideal client frequents.
  • 4
    Choose 2 primary social media platforms your ideal client frequents. Learn as much as you can about how to create a powerful presence on those platforms.
  • 5
    Survey your current customers to ask them questions about their preferences when it comes to your product or service.

Just the Beginning

Obviously, these five steps are just the beginning of learning about your clients. But if you practice them, you will be miles ahead of your competitors. And, won't that feel great?

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