Is GBWhatsApp Illegal?

Which is better GBWhatsApp or yo WhatsApp?

Updates: While both these MODs offer the beta features of WhatsApp, YOWhatsApp has more frequent updates than GBWhatsApp.

This means that YOWhatsApp may have more new features than its competitor..

Who is the owner of GB WhatsApp?

WhatsAppTypeSubsidiaryFoundedFebruary 24, 2009FoundersJan Koum Brian ActonHeadquartersMountain View, California , United StatesKey peopleWill Cathcart (Head of WhatsApp)5 more rows

Is GB Whatsapp video call safe?

GB Whatsapp is just modifies Appearance and User Interface Of the App, It Does not Modifies anything else. Therefore Video Calls through GB Whatsapp are completely Secure. … GB Whatsapp adds functionality like Themes and Custom Privacy to the Default App. It is Completely Secure for messeging and Calling.

Is GB WhatsApp banned?

WhatsApp has announced through an FAQ post that it is temporarily banning accounts that use third-party versions of the instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned company said to continue using WhatsApp, users will have to download the official app.

Why GB WhatsApp is not safe?

So is GB WhatsApp safe to use? The answer to that question is a solid maybe. The fact that users of the app are not getting banned means that the app is not violating the major values of the official WhatsApp so WhatsApp just lets them keep using it. … Any modded app is potentially not safe.

Is GBWhatsApp harmful?

Risk 2: GBWhatsApp is more inclined to injecting virus-like Malware and Spyware because of the less secured hosted servers. These viruses can cause damage to your data, and only you will be responsible for any problem caused due to WhatsApp Mods.

What is the difference between GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp?

See WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp both are almost same but the difference is GBWhatsapp has more features like changing themes,you can hide your chat like hike,change the font,and you have many more features..

Does GB WhatsApp still work?

People using GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp will see an in-app message saying your account is temporarily banned. WhatsApp suggests to immediately download the original app to continue using the service. Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, are altered versions of WhatsApp.

Should I use GBWhatsApp?

Gbwhatsapp is not the official version of Whatsapp and according To Whatsapp, you should not use any app other than WhatsApp’s original app because WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently suspend your Whatsapp account. … I recommend you to only use official apps.

Is GBWhatsApp banned?

WhatsApp has been banning Android users who are using modified versions of its app like WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. They have been receiving an in-app notification that their account is temporarily banned. … With the latest update, your account will not be banned by WhatsApp.

Why GB WhatsApp is banned?

About Temporarily Banned Accounts. If you received an in-app message stating your account is “Temporarily banned” this means that you’re likely using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app. … These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service.