Question: How Far Can A Revolver Shoot Accurately?

How far can a pistol shoot accurately?

50 yardsThe firearm in use is generally the defining factor.

However a general rule of thumb is the maximum effective range of a pistol is 50 yards.

This assumes a average shooter of average skill to make a 50% hit on target (man sized.).

Why I carry a revolver?

Easy to use and very effective in multiple roles. Revolvers are also capable of firing the most powerful of handgun rounds, which may be necessary depending on the application. They’re also a lot of fun to shoot! … Also, the weight and feel of a revolver, any revolver, is much different than that of a semi-auto.

Can a 38 special kill a human?

38 special can kill you, and will kill you. It’s a little outdated caliber, but it works perfectly.

Is a 357 magnum more powerful than a 9mm?

357 magnum from a 4″ or longer barrel. It’s a great cartridge, but so is the 9mm, and of course the 9mm has many advantages without turning this into a semi auto vs revolver thread. With comparable bullet weights, the 357 is capable of more velocity. Stands to reason it delivers more energy to the target than the 9mm.

Can a revolver hold 7 bullets?

A revolver typically holds five, six, or even seven rounds of ammunition in a rotating cylinder. Modern revolvers are typically double-action guns: a single trigger pull both cocks the hammer and releases it, firing the pistol.

Is a 38 special more powerful than a 9mm?

Standard pressure . 38 Special only produces 264 foot-pounds of force (147-grain bullet at 900 feet per second out of a 4-inch barrel), while standard pressure 9mm can produce 365 foot-pounds of force (124-grain bullet at 1,150 feet per second). This is 38.25% more energy at the muzzle in favor of the 9mm.

What is the most accurate handgun caliber?

Most Accurate Caliber – Generally Nine Millimeter (9mm) and the 38 Special are generally considered the most accurate of calibers because of their ability to produce very little muzzle blast and recoil to intimidate the shooter, yet they remain effective because of their velocity and knock down pressure.

How far can you shoot a 9mm?

about 1800 metersIf you define effective range as distance that a shooter can deliver a hit to a man sized target, then the maximum effective range for a 9mm round fired from a handgun is about 1800 meters.

Why does my 38 special jam?

Any revolver can jam. Usually it is a problem with the ammunition. If the bullet “jumps crimp” within its cartridge it becomes too long to allow the cylinder to stir. Also, there can be a failure within the complex mechanism of the trigger, hammer, safety, cylinder hand, or cylinder slot.

Do revolvers jam?

Firearm Myth #1: Revolvers Don’t Jam. … Like a semi-automatic pistol, the most common point of failure in a revolver is the ammunition. If you have a dud primer, it’s simple to pull the trigger and bring a fresh round under the hammer. If a tap-rack drill doesn’t clear this stovepipe jam, a second magazine will.

What has more power 357 or 45?

Both are powerful, but are different types of power. The . 357 is smaller and lighter bullet making a large temporary cavity through higher velocity, but the . 45 makes a bigger hole and has more mass.

Can a 357 magnum kill a bear?

For a bear cartridge anything equal to or more powerful than a . 41 Magnum or . 44 Magnum will be fine. … 357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended.

Is pistol or revolver better for home defense?

A modern home-defense handgun will either come in . 38 Special or . 357 Magnum calibers, and guns chambered in the latter can fire both calibers of bullets. One advantage of the revolver in home defense is that it is easier to operate and learn to shoot.

Can a revolver fire if dropped?

Old revolvers with the firing pin attached to the hammer could indeed fire if dropped. So much so that a lot of people were carrying the gun with an empty chamber under the hammer. Modern revolvers have a mechanism called “transfer bar”. … Thus the revolver is safe if dropped if you he trigger is not pressed.

Which Guns jam the most?

View Poll Results: Which handgun have you seen jam the most at the range or in competition?1911 style guns13663.26%Glock, XD, H&K, M&P3918.14%beretta’s3214.88%Sig’s83.72%1 more row•Apr 20, 2006

How far can a revolver shoot?

Typically a 9 mm bullet shot out of a medium sized handgun will travel 2200 meters before it will fall to the ground. A bullet almost never travels this far before it actually hits something. So don’t test this theory because chances are you will shoot someone or break something.

How far can a 357 Magnum shoot accurately?

most xtp bullets are good out past 400 yards (i know the 140 grain xtp is accurate at a quarter mile out of a 357 magnum vaquero). wide nose lbt style lead bullets are not as stable as long nose lbt bullets at longer distances in the 45 long colt cartridge.

What is the effective range of a .38 Special?

38 special cartridge travels at nominally 900 feet per second. Setting aside factors such as drag, that bullet would drop about 5 feet after the first 100 yards. By the time it travels 300 yards it will have dropped 15 feet.

Is a revolver better for self defense?

Any trainer will tell you that revolvers require less training than semi-autos to fire competently and safely thus making them the best firearm for the average citizen for self-defense purposes. Revolvers are very fast to get into action, incredibly reliable and nearly foolproof.

Can a 38 special kill a deer?

You can legally use a . 38 Special 2″ barrel to hunt deer, as long as you use expanding bullets. For Elk, you have to have a 4″ barrel.