Quick Answer: How Do I Change The Scrolling Speed In Excel?

How do you scroll in Excel without jumping?

Click down on scroll wheel (middle) of mouse (remember not turn, but click down).

This will produce unique four way arrow.

Now drag mouse up or down (or even sideways, left or right) and you will get slow smooth scroll..

Which function key is Scroll Lock?

Pressing Ctrl + Scroll Lock performs the same function as pressing Ctrl + Break (Pause) . This behavior is a remnant of the original IBM PC keyboards, which did not have a dedicated Break (Pause) key.

What is scroll lock in Excel?

What is Scroll Lock in Excel? Scroll Lock is the feature that controls the behavior of the arrow keys in Excel. Usually, when the Scroll Lock is disabled, arrow keys move you between individual cells in any direction: up, down, left or right.

Why is my excel not scrolling?

Select the Unfreeze Panes options In most cases, users can’t scroll down Excel spreadsheets because there are frozen panes within them. To unfreeze panes in Excel, select the View tab. Click the Freeze Panes button. Then select the Unfreeze panes option.

How do I reduce scrolling speed in Excel?

While scrolling, hold down the mouse at the farthest end of the screen for more than 10 seconds to increase the scrolling speed. Moving the mouse in the opposite direction slows down the scroll speed.

Where is scroll lock in Excel?

Turn off Scroll LockIf your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, on your computer, click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard.Click the On Screen Keyboard button to turn it on.When the on-screen keyboard appears on your screen, click the ScrLk button.

What is the shortcut for Scroll Lock?

The official Microsoft shortcut for Scroll Lock is Shift + F14.

Why can’t I scroll in Excel?

To unfreeze the panes in the Excel worksheet, click Unfreeze Panes on the Window menu. … To do this, scroll to the location that you want to be visible in the Excel worksheet, and then freeze the panes. To freeze the panes in an Excel worksheet, click Freeze Panes on the Window menu.

How do I change my scroll speed?

Change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10Open the Settings app.Go to Devices -> Mouse.On the right, select Multiple lines at a time under Roll the mouse wheel to scroll.Adjust the slider position to specify the number of lines between 1 to 100 lines at a time.More items…•

How do I unlock scroll?

Turn off Scroll LockPress the Scroll Lock key (Scroll Lock or ScrLk) on your keyboard. Done. … Click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Use the On-Screen Keyboard (or press the Windows logo key + CTRL + O).Click the ScrLk button. … Right click the status bar to display or to hide the Scroll Lock status.

How do I make my scroll more sensitive?

Tweak your mouse scroll wheelClick on the Start Button and key in regedit and hit Enter.Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.Scroll to the bottom and edit WheelScrollLines. Set this to a lower value for a more sensitive scroll wheel. larger for less sensitive.Reboot.

How do I change the scroll speed in Chrome?

This small extension allows you to increase scroll speed on web pages either : – by pressing a key of your choice between Left Alt (the default), Left Ctrl and Left Shift – or without doing anything : scroll speed will always be increased, and you’ll have the ability to decrease it temporarily by pressing one of the …

Where is Scroll Lock used?

Sometimes abbreviated as ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk, the Scroll Lock key is found on a computer keyboard, often located close to the pause key. While not often used today, the Scroll Lock key was originally intended to be used in conjunction with the arrow keys to scroll through the contents of a text box.

Why is Excel scrolling with arrow keys?

When the scroll lock feature is turned on, pressing an arrow key causes Microsoft Excel to move the entire spreadsheet in that direction, instead of moving to the next cell.

Why is mouse scrolling slow?

To correct such issue, we suggest that you adjust the scroll speed of your mouse wheel using the steps below: Click Start > Settings. Go to Devices > Mouse & touchpad. Under Choose how many lines to scroll each time, move the slider to the right to make the speed of your mouse wheel faster.