Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Keep An Email Address With BT?

How many email addresses can I have with BT?

When you take broadband from BT, the Standard email product comes free.

You can get it when you place your order or later, once your broadband is up and running.

You can also create up to 10 additional email addresses for family and friends.

So that’s 11 in total..

How do I set up a second email address with BT?

How to create a new email address for yourself or a minorLog in to My BT with your BT ID >Select Package, then Included extras and scroll down to find BT Email.Next click Manage BT Email.Select the Create new email address link.You’ll be asked to choose your new email address and provide a password for it.More items…

How do I migrate my email to Gmail?

Step 2: Change your Gmail settingsOn your computer, sign in to the Gmail account you want to import to.In the top right, click Settings. … Click the Accounts and import tab.In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, click Add a mail account.Type the email address of the other account, then click Next.More items…

Can BT charge me to keep my email address?

BT says people can keep their email addresses for free using a basic service that’s only accessible via a browser, but that customers who want to maintain their normal email service, they have to pay £7.50 per month.

Can you keep your email address if you change providers?

A: Unfortunately, when you change service providers, you cannot take your email address with you. … Only the ISP could do that since they own the email servers, and it doesn’t make good business sense to help people leave their service. The smartest thing to do is get an email account that will move with you.

Is BT changing its email?

Your email is changing We’re about to move you from BT Yahoo email to our new email service called BT Mail. You’ll keep the features you love and also get some new ones too. We’ll move all your emails and folders across to BT Mail automatically.

How do I get my bt emails?

You can view your email from the menu bar at www.bt.com by selecting either: The email link and logging in with your email address (ending @btinternet.com, @btopenworld.com or @talk21.com) and password.

How do I transfer email accounts?

Here’s how to do it.Try to keep your old email address as long as possible. … Create a new email address. … Forward emails to your new email account. … Import your contacts from your old email address. … Tell people about your new email address.

What happens to my email address when I leave BT?

Good news – you can keep your BT (www.bt.com) email address when you cancel BT broadband. To do so, you’ll need to sign up to BT Premium Mail. … Any additional email addresses linked to your account will be transferred across to the new service too, so you won’t lose a thing.

How long can I keep my BT email address?

60 daysWhen your BT Broadband service stops, any email addresses associated with the account will remain in an active state for just 60 days.