Quick Answer: Was Sophie From Love Island Murdered?

What killed Sophie gradon?

SuicideSophie Gradon/Cause of death.

Are Sophie and Connor still together Love Island?

Love Island’s Sophie Piper and Connor Durman may have been coupled up inside the villa but Sophie has now revealed that, in the real world, the duo are “not together at all”.

Did Scott and Kady stay together?

Sadly, after a year of dating, Kady and Scott decided to go their separate ways and split in 2017, after making their relationship official on the show. The couple originally took a break from one another, before attempting to patch things up and then eventually calling it quits for good.

Why did Aaron Armstrong die?

SuicideAaron Armstrong/Cause of death

How did Sophie from Love Island died?

A former beauty queen and Love Island star took cocaine and alcohol and then killed herself, an inquest has found. Star of the ITV2 dating show Sophie Gradon hanged herself at her family home in Medburn, Ponteland on 20 June. … “If Sophie’s death is to serve any purpose at all, that message must go out far and wide.”

What happened to Sophie after Love Island?

Sophie died on June 20, 2018 after taking her own life. She hanged herself after taking a cocktail of booze and cocaine, an inquest heard. Her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong revealed the news on Facebook – he tragically discovered her body.

Why did Sophie kill herself?

Gradon was found dead on 20 June 2018 at the age of 32. … Gradon’s boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong, died by suicide about twenty days after Gradon’s death, according to an inquest. In April 2019, Gradon was judged to have taken her own life after taking cocaine and alcohol.

How did thalassitis kill himself?

The 26-year-old reality star and former footballer was found dead in a park in Edmonton, north London, on 16 March. His death sparked calls for improved aftercare for people who take part in reality TV shows. North London Coroner’s Court concluded on Wednesday his cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Who has died in Love Island?

Caroline FlackCaroline Flack, a well-known television personality and former host of the ITV television series “Love Island” and other shows in Britain, died on Saturday in London. She was 40. ITV confirmed her death.

Did Sophie from Love Island boyfriend died?

The boyfriend of the Love Island star Sophie Gradon killed himself just weeks after he found her dead at her parents’ home, a coroner has ruled. Aaron Armstrong, 25, had taken cocaine and drunk alcohol before his death, the inquest found. Armstrong died about 20 days after Gradon’s death.

What was wrong with Sophie Love Island?

“‘We believe she was suffering with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder — and we know exactly when it kicked in: when she was bullied on Love Island,” said Sophie’s dad Colin.

Do Tom and Sophie stay together?

Unfortunately, the couple didn’t last long together. Sophie and Tom split in November 2016 after both accused the other of cheating. On Instagram Sophie wrote a now deleted post which read: “Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not be together”.