Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Offense?

What is the antonym of offense?

What is the opposite of offense?innocencefaultlessnessblamelessnessguiltlessnesssinlessness.

What is the opposite of penalize?

▲ Opposite of penalize for wrongdoing. pardon. excuse. exonerate.

What no offense means?

no offense. Please don’t feel insulted, I don’t mean to offend you, as in No offense, but I think you’re mistaken. This expression, first recorded in 1829, generally accompanies a statement that could be regarded as insulting but is not meant to be, as in the example.

What is the difference between Offence and offense?

In one sense, offense means an attack. … The difference is that offense is the standard spelling in the United States, while offence is standard in other English-speaking countries: The team had troubles with their offense because they key player was injured. No offense meant.

What is an offense?

a crime or sin. an affront, insult or injury.. The state of being offended or displeased; anger; displeasure.. ( often ) A strategy and tactics employed when in position to score; contrasted with defense.. offense synonyms: Wikisaurus:offense.

What does crestfallen mean?

adjective. dejected; dispirited; discouraged. having a drooping crest or head.

What means offended?

verb (used with object) to irritate, annoy, or anger; cause resentful displeasure in: Even the hint of prejudice offends me. to affect (the sense, taste, etc.) disagreeably. to violate or transgress (a criminal, religious, or moral law). to hurt or cause pain to.

What’s another word for punish?

Frequently Asked Questions About punish Some common synonyms of punish are castigate, chasten, chastise, correct, and discipline. While all these words mean “to inflict a penalty on in requital for wrongdoing,” punish implies subjecting to a penalty for wrongdoing.

What is another word for penalize?

What is another word for penalize?disciplinepunishcorrectcastigatechastenchastisesentencehandicapamercecondemn233 more rows

Is penalization a word?

To subject (a person) to a penalty, especially for infringement of a law or regulation. See Synonyms at punish. b. To make (an action or a condition) liable to a penalty: Tripping is penalized in hockey.

What do you call a person who is easily offended?

prissy. adjective. very easily offended or upset by unpleasant behaviour, in a way that you think is silly.

Do not get offended meaning?

English Language Learners Definition of offend : to cause (a person or group) to feel hurt, angry, or upset by something said or done. : to be unpleasant to (someone or something) formal : to do wrong : to be against what people believe is acceptable or proper.

What is the opposite of being offended?

Opposite of resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult. pleased. happy. delighted.

Is offended a feeling?

Offended is when you feel (most likely) anger or disgust because someone violated one of your personal values in a personal way. … Being offended can certainly make a person feel uncomfortable, but feeling uncomfortable should not be confused with feeling offended.