Quick Answer: Which Arrma Is The Best?

Is Top Flite going out of business?

Top Flite is no longer in business and we aren’t able to access their parts or plans.

Please feel free to check back in a few weeks to see if anything has changed..

What scale is the Arrma Kraton?

Bigger than big and engineered for brute power and toughness, the ARRMA® 1/5 scale KRATON™ 8S BLX 4WD Speed Monster Truck takes your bashing ability to the next level.

Is Arrma better than Traxxas?

Most of the Arrma cars run on a 6s system out of the box, while the Traxxas cars mostly run 3s out of the box. But the Traxxas is still about the same speed because they are lighter and more aerodynamic. Another advantage of the Traxxas cars is the steering is much faster and the battery lasts much longer.

Who makes Arrma RC?

RC Buyer’s Guide: ARRMA. While Traxxas is known for creating durable, basher-friendly radio-controlled vehicles, there’s another brand that has been making a name for themselves in that same space. That brand is ARRMA and they’ve rolled out some unique, fun, and fast vehicles throughout the years.

Did traxxas sues Arrma?

Traxxas/Hobbico Lawsuit – In August of 2016, Traxxas filed a lawsuit against Hobbico and Arrma/Durango Ltd. for copyright infringement. … The vehicles specifically named in the lawsuit was the Arrma Nero 6S BLX Monster Truck that debuted in May of 2016. It appears that the lawsuit is still pending.

Does Horizon Hobby own Traxxas?

Horizon’s Dealer Announcement. “Beginning in 2019, Horizon Hobby will no longer be distributing Traxxas products. We intend to carry Traxxas until our inventory is depleted, which we expect to be at the end of 2018.

Is Tower Hobbies going out of business?

A bit to unpack here – first, Tower Hobbies’ parent company, Hobbico, declared bankruptcy in January 2018. The Bankruptcy Court has approved the sale of Hobbico’s RC business to Horizon Hobby, LLC. There was also a $7 million sale of Hobbico’s Colorado-based model-rocket subsidiary, Estes.

Is Arrma Kraton waterproof?

An exciting look at the ARRMA KRATON 6S Speed Monster Truck. Loaded with a waterproof 180A ESC, BLX 2050kv Brushless Motor, ADS-15M waterproof Metal-Geared Steering Servo, super-tough composite parts for long-lasting durability, precision fit red anodised aluminium accessories for head-turning looks and easy servicing.

How much does the Arrma Kraton weigh?

10.67lbsWeight: 10.67lbs (4.85kg) Wheel Diameter: 3.82″ (97mm)

Is Arrma still in business?

On January 10, 2018, Hobbico filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and announced the company is for sale. On April 13th, Horizon Hobby acquired control of most Hobbico RC brands & IP (excepting Great Planes Manufacturing).

How fast is the Arrma Kraton?

The ARRMA KRATON 6S BLX 4WD Speed Monster Truck reaches a mind-blowing 60+ mph, driven by its 6S capable brushless power system and durable design. Complete with the 2.4GHz Spektrum STX2 radio system, it’s fully equipped for fast, all-terrain bashing – even through mud and snow, thanks to waterproof electronics.

Where is traxxas made?

Traxxas is a radio control model manufacturer based in McKinney, Texas.

When was Arrma founded?

2009ARRMA Durango Ltd./Founded