Why Did Chuck Let Bart Die?

Who is the best character on Gossip Girl?

Here are 5 Gossip Girl characters that got better over time, and 5 that got worse.8 Better: Eleanor Waldorf.

7 Worse: Serena Van Der Woodsen.

6 Better: Nate Archibald.

5 Worse: Vanessa Abrams.

4 Better: Chuck Bass.

3 Worse: Jenny Humphrey.

2 Better: Blair Waldorf.

1 Worse: Dan Humphrey.More items…•.

Why did Bart kill Chuck?

He’s ALIVE! Chuck is taking it pretty well on “Gossip Girl.” Bart says someone tried to kill him and he pretended to be dead in order to protect Chuck and Lily. Dan gets out of the shower and his hair is the size of Manhattan.

Why is Bart Bass so mean to Chuck?

In Empire of the Son Russell reveals to Chuck that he hates Bart because when he burned his old building down to collect the insurance money his wife, Avery, was inside and died.

What episode does Bart die in Gossip Girl?

“Gossip Girl” O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (TV Episode 2008) – IMDb.

Why did Diana Payne gave Chuck blood?

After eavesdropping in on media mogul Diana Payne’s (Elizabeth Hurley) phone conversation where she mentioned being at the hospital the night that Chuck was involved in a serious, near-fatal car accident, Serena realized that Diana was the family member who donated the blood that would save his life, making her his …

Who does Rufus end up with?

Georgina then emerges and reveals who he really is to Lily and Rufus. Shocked, they flee the wedding to track him down. They find him at the bus back to Boston and the three share a hug. Lily and Rufus end up marrying that night at the loft (Rufus Getting Married).

Is Jack Bass actually Chuck’s dad?

Chuck only thought Jack was the father because the picture was cut off & couldn’t see who it was. To answer your questions: yes that was Jack’s arm. Elizabeth is Chuck’s real mother, not Diana.

Did any of the Gossip Girl cast dated in real life?

1) When the entire cast was low-key hooking up. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley weren’t the only couple whose on-screen romance became a real-life relationship—in fact, with the exception of Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen, everybody in the main cast apparently hooked up with at least one co-star.

Who is the richest in Gossip Girl?

So Chuck was 17 year Billionaire and was the richest on the show. However, Chuck was new money on the show. Blair Waldorf, Serena Van Der Woodsen , and Nathaniel Archibald were all the descendants of Old Money.

How many people has Chuck Bass slept with?

“I’ve slept with around 300 women,” he calculates, “and how many are good in bed? Well a good woman in bed knows how to communicate what [excites] her. If she doesn’t know, then quite frankly it’s a waste of time.”

Who is Rufus and Lily’s child?

Scott Rosson ScottScott Rosson Scott was portrayed by Chris Riggi in Seasons 2 & 3. Scott Rosson is the biological son of Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen.

Why did Rufus and Lily break up?

In the season finale The Return of the Ring, Rufus and Lily learn about Bart still being alive. Rufus learns that since Lily and Bart are technically still married, Lily needs to choose which marriage she wants to annul. … Later on, she chooses to annul their marriage to save her relationship with Bart.

What happened to Scott on Gossip Girl?

The disappearance of Scott Scott, Rufus and Lily’s secret son and Gossip Girl’s Most Annoying Character, was shoehorned in as a plot point and potential love interest for Vanessa. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared and was never so much as mentioned again.

Why did Bart Bass hate Chuck?

In Empire of the Son Russell reveals to Chuck that he hates Bart because when he burned his old building down to collect the insurance money his wife, Avery, was inside and died.

Who does Nate from Gossip Girl end up with?

Series Information Nate is best friends with Chuck Bass and is good friends with Dan Humphrey, Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Nate appeared in 115 episodes.

Was Gossip Girl based on a true story?

The books primarily focus on best friends Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, whose experiences are among those chronicled by the eponymous gossip blogger. The novel series is based on the author’s experiences at Nightingale-Bamford School and on what she heard from friends.

Does Chuck cheat on Blair?

4 Chuck Cheated On Blair And Blamed Her For It The season 3 finale had the couple meeting at the top of the Empire State building if they wanted to be together. … Even better, Chuck later blamed Blair for his decision to sleep with Jenny.

Did Lily Bass have cancer?

Season 3. In season three, Lily hides the fact that she has cancer from her family with the exception of her mother, CeCe Rhodes, and goes to her ex-husband for treatment. … When the truth about William’s plot to separate Lily and Rufus is revealed, however, it causes a major rift between him and his family.