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The Seth Godin Challenge

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Why the "Seth Godin Challenge"?

I better start right here - right now - right in the very beginning. Seth Godin does not endorse this, and he's not associated with it in any way, shape, or form. I'm not trying to capitalize on his fame and reputation. His practices are simply the jumping off point for this challenge to myself - and to you.

This is all me - Donna.

Why Seth Godin

Seth Godin is one of my heroes.

He has a simple philosophy. That is, do something every day to get your stuff out into the world. He says, "Ship Every Day." Thus, the idea came to me while I was fixing my hair that I would give myself a Seth Godin challenge - and let the whole world know about it.

He is known as the father of permission marketing. And he does business HIS way.

When the whole world is using WordPress and a dedicated url, his is:

And, the rules of content marketing say long form content (aka 2000 words), multiple images, infographics, videos and seo rich. The longest post I saw from the last 30 days is 321 words. The shortest (including a 12 word title) - 27.

And as for images and videos? 1 post had a small, hand-drawn image. One post included a 1:27 video.

Surely, as wordy as I am, I can do something similar, right?

The Important Bits

Seth Godin has something useful to say. Every. Single. Day.

And THOUSANDS of people listen to him. He isn't just rambling on about the weather. He gives his insight on whatever is important to his community - his TRIBE, if you will. I dig that. I'm one of the thousands. 

He serves up bite-sized bits of information to make a modern marketer think. If you're willing.

Sometimes, he addresses things like the GDPR uproar and how to have a good attitude about the changes.

Mainly, he simply gives us a swift kick to get up and show up for the life we say we want.

Do it or get out. Yeah. I need to hear that sometimes.

How the Challenge Works

Seth Godin is a titan in my market. You might not know who he is.

Here's my challenge to you...

Identify a leader in your industry who inspires you to do better. Figure out a way to do something like they do for 90 short days. And it.

For me, that looks like a concise, meaningful piece of prose on my blog every day for the next 90 days.

Today is the longest of the 90. Probably.

What will you do? Will you join the challenge?

90 Days
Daily Action

Transform your business with one straightforward action every single day. Choose your activity, read the daily blog posts, and make a massive change with a bit of action.

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