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The Story You Tell Yourself

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The objects and sounds you choose to surround yourself with tell a story about your hopes, dreams, and fears. Even a room WITHOUT any objects on the walls reveals inner truth.

Often, we converse about images and words we feed our poor overloaded brain and heart. From time to time, we discuss movies, social media and the like. However, we can turn those off at will.

More subtly, we are feeding our brains and hearts with items that continuously send messages to our non-conscious mind. These are the background playlist of sights and sounds which fill up our days, nights, and weekends. 

A Room with a View

Below are the pictures and objects I intentionally placed my office walls. Each tells a story about me, my beliefs, my attitudes. 

The wooden Dream plaque was a gift from a loved one, (celebrating the letter D for Donna). It serves as a reminder of what she believes about me, and hopes for me.

I purchased the original poster messages by Jenn Sprinkle at a Business Boutique conference hosted by Christy Wright. A dear friend and I attended this incredible women's event, where I also heard the inspiring Amy Porterfield speak! 

The Love Rewards the Brave notcard was a tucked in as a bonus with the book Desire Mapping by Danielle LaPorte. Though the book wasn't my cup of tea, the card reminds me to love fiercely - to believe boldly. It challenges me to keep giving, especially when it feels like no one wants what I have to offer.

The postcard, along with the fab you lous canvas, remind me that even when I feel like an incompetent hack, there is greatness inside of me. Oh, and I grabbed the canvas at Dollar Tree when I was having an artist's date with myself (according to The Artist's Way instructions.)

story, donna woolam, living at my best, the work at home queen, ambitious female entrepreneur, make money from home

A Greater Story

There prominently in front of my computer screen, The Jabez Prayer art piece reminds me to ask the Lord for what I desire. It, along with the winding road in the Tuscan hills art piece, and the framed notecard Dream Big/Pray Bigger, remind me that the Lord hears my prayers. Even more, I am reminded He has a plan for me that I don't always understand. And, yet, I can trust that He is directing me toward a defined and determined destination. He knows the end of the road, even when I don't - an end that is for my good and His glory.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Today, I challenge you to look around your "living" space. Invest a few moments to carefully observe the items you surround yourself with on a daily basis. 

Do they still fit who you are? Are they a story from your past? What kind of emotions do they evoke?

Is it time for new wall art? Have you reached a point where it is time to feed your life a new message?

The messages you feed your heart are important. And, whether you intentionally choose to or not, you are telling yourself a story. It is one of the areas we don't pay focus on. However, without a doubt, if you want a successful life and business, you MUST pay attention.

Maybe you need a trip to the Dollar Store, too. Go ahead. What have you got to lose?

Oh, and, even though we skimmed over it, listen to what is in the background, too. You know, the soundtrack playing on the radio or tv. It matters, too.

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