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That dream in your heart is not a frilly distraction, a ridiculous idea, a muted hope. It is a solid purpose; it is a righteous plan; it is a trumpet. Brendon Burchard

Discover the exact steps and strategies you can use to have a consistent, sustainable work at home business you love.

There's nothing like it in the world! No time clock to punch. No boss to get approval from for a week or two off to take that dream trip to Hawaii. Watching your children or grandchildren in their activities. And, knowing that each and every day you will earn enough income to not only pay your bills, but also to enjoy the finer things in life and save for your future.

A work at home business like that doesn't happen without consistent attention, strategic action, and purposeful advance planning.

With the right systems in place, your business goes to work for you. YOU RULE your business. You are the Queen! And...

It's good to be the Queen!​

Working at home can feel a bit like the classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities. "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

When you begin to work from home, you have an image in your heart of how things will be.

All that freedom and flexibility you yearn to experience is within your grasp.

You have time for yourself, your business, your family. You get to go on long lunches with your friends and mosey through the shops when they are quiet and not overrun by all the women "running to the store on the way home."

You are one of the Privileged Few. The Elite. The Independent Business Owner.

Then Reality bites your behind. You begin to quickly understand that running a successful business from home isn't quite what we expected.

ACT LIKE A QUEEN - Master the Priorities

Success in any work at home business begins with how YOU think about yourself and what you do.

It takes true discipline to successfully work at home. Without it, you feel like you are always working and getting nothing productive done.

The work at home experience is divided into a few different categories which include: 

  • Income generating strategies
  • Administration and oversight
  • Nonessential Interests

The reason work at home businesses fail, is because women don't know how to Rule their Calendar.  Instead, project paralysis sets in and nonessential activities fill the day.

A balanced schedule that works for you, instead of against you, is the only way to Rule the Tyranny of the Calendar.

THINK LIKE A QUEEN - Master the Mindset

There are a lot of emotions which live in the world of the work at home woman.

There's a great sense of pride at taking the plunge and leaving the 9-5 behind.

There's fear of failure and fear of success.

You battle criticism from your friends and family who believe you've given up on a career. You doubt your choices and get mad at them for not understanding.

You wish you could be content with working a traditional j.o.b. but the thought of returning is like drinking a bottle of vinegar straight. Not going to happen.

You hope ye can generate enough income to stay even. And fear you'll run the family finances into the ground.

When you gain clients or sales or contracts you are ready to party with anyone who will party with you.

When you lose the sale, forget to follow-up or blow the negotiations you feel like the worst kind of failure.

You go to bed worrying and wake up hoping.

And all of these are just one day's worth of emotions.

One of the most powerful skills we can learn is how to rule our emotions and thinking.​ Our emotions can catapult us to success or cripple us with doubt. I call negative emotions the Centralized Taser System. If you don't learn how to master this system, it doesn't matter how financially successful you become, you won't be able to luxuriate in the joy of what you have accomplished.

It is a process to learn to master the emotions. Artemis Limpert, a Body for Life Champion and a performance and leadership coach says, "a (work from home) business is really a self-improvement course in disguise."​

Without a doubt, the war of the mind is where everything is won or lost. You will either move forward to continue to grow and build your business - or you will falter and give up. And it all depends on what you do with what you think.

OWN YOUR TERRITORY - Master the Marketplace

Do you truly know who your ideal client is? Do you know how to serve her/him at the highest level? Do you know where to find those clients?

A true Queen recognizes her territory and the people who live within it's borders. The Queen of England doesn't try to rule Spain (at least not any more!).

When you know who your ideal clients are, how to speak their language, and how to serve them at the highest level, your days of scrambling for customers is over. And wouldn't it be nice to stop worrying about how you'll meet your personal or company sales benchmarks?

You can become so skilled at speaking the language of your ideal client that she wonders if you can read her mind.

There are more than enough customers to go around. The problem isn't in the numbers of people, the problem is the RIGHT people. Own YOUR territory rather than attempting to rule someone else's.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T For Working At Home - Master the Perception

All you want is a little respect, right?

I mean, really, come on! You keep the household running smoothly, you run errands, you work your business, you pay attention to the needs of our children and husband, you serve in the community and in church. But, somehow, people think you don't do anything.

Attitudes are changing because of the shift to working from home as a valid career option.

UNDERSTAND THIS: On average, only 10% of the population has what it takes to work from home. Of that 10%, only a fraction will press through the challenges in order to see financial and personal success. 

  • Many Boomer women are beginning their 2nd or 3rd career by creating a work from home business.
  • GenX women have experienced job losses due to the economy, and have not found a suitable traditional job to replace them.
  • 72% of millennials want to ​quit the traditional workforce and create their own startup or work from home business.
  • Many GenX and Boomer women ​not only care for their immediate family, but have the responsibilities of elder-care. Time freedom and flexibility are becoming a necessity, not just a nice option.
What No One Tells You About Working From Home, Donna Woolam, The Culturist, Millennials, Entrepreneur, Christian, Women

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My name is Donna Woolam. I'm the founder of The Work At Home Queen and Living At My Best, LLC. I have built successful work at home business for more than 20 years. I've built them when my children were home, and as an empty-nester. I've created substantial income for our household when metaphorically the "skies were blue and the birds were singing." And, I've built a personal coaching and education-based business from the ground up while my husband has undergone cancer treatment and recovery. I know what it takes to build a sustainable, continual, profitable business.  And, not only have I created that reality for myself, I've helped 100's of women do the same thing.

Just below, you can download The Work At Home Queen's Success Strategy Road Map, where you'll learn... 

  • Think Like a  Queen
  • The mindset you need to have a chance of building a successful business.
  • Act Like a Queen
  • The 1 strategic step you must take if you want to rule your business instead of feeling like your business rules you.
  • Own Your Territory
  • How to quickly begin to identify the perfect client for your business.
  • ...And much more.

Just click the button below, and I'll immediately send you access to the entire Road Map.

Working from Home isn't just something you do until something better comes along.

YOU are changing the face of the nation and the world.

Oh. And by the way, did you know, that based on information collected by Coca-Cola(R) in 2014, if female entrepreneurs were a country, we would represent the 5th largest GDP. Additionally, women typically reinvest 90% of their income back into the community and those dollars represent $3 TRILLION.

So, until the rest of the world catches up,
it's time for YOU to Crown Yourself!

Crown, The Work At Home Queen, Donna Woolam, Living At My Best

Acting and Thinking Like a Queen are just two of the strategies covered in The Work At Home Queen's Success Strategy Road Map.

​The Discipline it requires to be a true Queen, also involves mastering the power to identify your ideal client, how to attract them to your offer or service. Empire Building doesn't end there. You also learn Development steps to Enlarge Your Kingdom so you can turn your customers into raving fans, with next-level services and products they want and need from YOU.

Discover how to live your Destiny and create a business of legacy and legend. Learn to Rule Your Realm when you expand your borders through strategic partner alliances, learn how to communicate your unique message out to the world and set yourself apart from the crowd.

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