Think Like a Queen to Succeed in Your Work At Home Business

Think Like a Queen to Succeed at Your Work at Home Business

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Rule Your Mind

Consider this, a 2006 Duke University study discovered that over 40% of the actions you take every day, are habitual. Not only are they habits, they are also unconscious acts. From the time your eyes pop open in the morning, until you go to sleep at night, you are being ruled by thoughts, emotions and actions which have been formed over years. 

Additionally, you have around 30,000 thoughts per day. Imagine, 12,000 of your thoughts are completely automatic! Each one of these thoughts release chemicals into your body, which in turn create a host of metabolic changes. Interestingly, your mind can't tell the difference between actual events and what you see on video. Is it any wonder you can watch a movie and feel just like you are in the middle of the action?

Habitual thoughts create habitual actions. It's why you always reach for a cookie at 2:00 pm. Or, call your mom on Sunday. 

Mind Marketing Masters

Our brain doesn't rule our mind. Our mind rules the brain. And our mind is ruled by the emotions we have attached to the actions we take every day. It's why you unconsciously grab your phone when you have an idle moment or two. You've developed the habit of checking your social media feed because you get an emotional jolt, charge or reward for the action.

Master marketers have learned how to create a hook to tie your habits to an emotional reward. It's why all your tablet and phone games are connected to Facebook, so you can play with your friends. It's why forums are rarely housed in the heart of a website and are now more likely to be connected to a private or closed group in Facebook.

Facebook became our habit. Marketers have learned how to tie their product to your habits. If you really want to dig into this phenomena, check out the book Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products, by Nir Eyal

Think Tank

If you want something different, you have to believe something different. As creatures of habit, we rarely change unless there is a motivation for change greater than the pain of staying in the same place. Tony Robbins said it a long time ago, but it was true before he said it.

Subsequently, if you want to change your habits, there must be a shift in how and what you think, along with the emotions connected to the shift. Learning to create new habits is simple when you know the key components. It's called a Habit Loop and consists of a cue trigger, a routine, and a reward.

The Golden Rule of Habits, according to author and habit expert, Michael Bungay Stanier, is that you can't change all three components at once. It's why you can't decide to change a habit and make it stick. There are reasons you've become connected to certain behaviors. The first course to changing your thoughts and your world, is to diagnose the cue.

Inside your brain is a "Think Tank" of experiences. Because your emotions cue your habits, all it takes is a cue and you will automatically engage in a learned behavior. When you find a new routine which gives you the same reward, it is easier to change the habit.

Cue Tape - Your Mind Movies

Any person who has suffered from overeating, knows there are certains cues that trigger the action. I'll raise my hand right here and say that I am an emotional eater. When life gets stressful, I tend to grab a bite or two of something to fill the emotional void. I don't consciously want to overeat. I don't consciously want to add to my problems by eating the wrong things. Somewhere, I learned that to soothe anxiety, I go to the kitchen.

Now that I've learned that stress is a trigger, I can be on the lookout for the actions I've done for years. 

What you believe about your ability to succeed in your work from home business is based on a movie you are playing just under your reality. It sets up self-defeating behaviors and unconscious sabotage. Understand this, subconscious mind movies are running all the time.

It's why you have a hard time picking up the phone to call a potential client. Your mind movie says, "I don't want to bother them. They don't want to hear from me. They'll just say no, anyway. Instead, let's go hang out with our friends. Let's watch a movie. Let's call somebody who does want to hear from us."

Your mind works to protect you from pain or disappointment - even when there's no current basis for the thought.

The great news is you can change your thought patterns to create new networks of thought. You really can change your life when you change your thoughts.

Neuroplasticity - A Fancy Word for Think Differently

I'm wild about the study of neuroscience and how the brain works. And, to be honest, I know just enough to be dangerous. As a result, take what I say with the understanding I'm not a neuroscientist. 

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By Thomas Schultz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This beauty isn't some exotic undersea anemone.

It is an actual image of neurons connecting in the brain. Each one of those little wavy branches is a response to stimuli.

Your brain creates branches of thought that look much like trees. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, toxic, self-defeating thoughts look like shrubs and healthy, empowering thoughts look like trees.

Tree Brain, Think like a queen, donna woolam, the work at home queen, coach, belief revolution, living at my best

Some great news for all of us is that we can replant our thoughts. Indeed, you can turn your shrubby, little defeating thoughts into glorious forests of powerful, life-affirming, life-changing thoughts. And, it's fairly simple.

Think Like a Queen

Once you find yourself engaging in a habit that doesn't help move your business forward, invest a few minutes to answer these questions. While you may not change the habit immediately, you will be on the right path to thinking the right way to create the right actions.

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    What took place right before you had the thought or started the habitual action? Did you check social media and see that a competitor has a new client?
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    Where are you when this thought or habit occurs? Is it typically in the same place? Did you sit down to your desk and automatically begin to doubt your results?
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    What time does this thought or habit occur? For instance, if you are trying to stop smoking, it may be you always want a cigarette after a meal.
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    Who are you with when this thought or habit occurs? Is there a specific person who spurs you to think negative thoughts or make negative comments? 
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    What emotions are you feeling when you think or do the specific action you want to change? Do you feel guilt, shame or a sense of failure because of past results?

What Would a Queen Think?

It takes practice to change your thought processes.

First, as a work from home queen, you have a responsibility to invest your time and resources to develop the right kind of mindset to move your business forward. You are creating a legacy.

Second, it's important to give yourself a break - a bit of grace - when you find yourself locked in a mind movie  you can't escape. As a leader of a community, you pave the way. Authentic vulnerability will endear you to your clients, team members and strategic alliance partners. That being said, don't use authentic vulnerability as an excuse to stay the same when you know it is damaging your business or your reputation.

Finally, remember you are a CEO of a business. You can develop the mindset and skills to help you build a successful empire. You can rule your realm, but only if you put your mind to it.

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