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Vision: Do What You See

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Helen Keller said, "The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision."

I believe entrepreneurs are gifted with a greater capacity for vision. We can see beyond what is - to what is possible. Yet, without discipline, we can be visionaries with no direction. It's why we can be considered dreamers - head in the clouds without feet on the ground.

Consider this: Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb, but in truth, it had been conceived over 200 years ago by chemist Humphrey Davy. And in 1878, inventor Joseph Swan demonstrated the first commercially viable light bulb. But, Thomas Edison is the one who captured the vision and perfected the foundation of our modern light bulb. He gets the credit because he SAW the potential, added his expertise to the foundation, and DID the work. 

Fear Stops the Vision

I'm reading Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington's book, "The 12 Week Year." Chapter 3 discusses the emotional connection we have to our visions of the future. 

I'm kind of a neuroscience / neuroplasticity geek. I love learning about this kind of stuff. And, I learned something new from this chapter of the book.

The amygdala is often called the lizard brain by performance biohackers like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Coffee fame. It's the deep, central part of the brain that controls our gut instincts of fear and self-preservation. 

Moran and Lennington explain that when we are placed in a position of uncertainty, our amygdala fires off warning shots. "SAVE YOURSELF" it screams. Therefore, when we begin to:

"envision a future that stretches your comfort zone and is significantly bigger and bolder than what you are currently living, the amygdala tries to shut down the process before you do anything that could be detrimental."

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Photo by John Cobb on Unsplash

If you've wondered why you continually stop short of going after what you want, this is likely the reason. 

Expand Your view

THANKFULLY, there's another part of the brain that balances out lizardly amygdala. It's the prefrontal cortex.

For just a moment, think about the last time you saw something so magnificent you were awestruck. See that vista again. Remember the feeling. Experience the sight, the smells, the emotion of the moment.

The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that captured the majesty and greatness of that scene. And, it's the part of your brain that activates when you imagine greatness for you and your future. It's the place within you that dreams bigger dreams than you currently believe can ever be achieved. When left to run wild, it envisions and projects a life more grand than you are experiencing right now.

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Photo by Trevor Cleveland on Unsplash

Lizard meet Majesty

The fabulous thing about the brain is that the part you exercise the most, becomes stronger. You silence the lizard with visions of majesty. You can actually GROW YOUR BRAIN into a vision-seeking, vision-achieving tool.

It's the reason we MUST revisit our vision regularly. And why, it is imperative to push through the fear that keeps us stuck.

Vision asks the question, "What if?". A plan answers the question, "How?"

It is time to end the battle of the brain. Dream bigger and feel the fear. Then, silence the fear with the discipline to create a plan and work the plan.

Remember, Edison didn't discover the light bulb. He devised a plan. 

Put wings to your fear and feet to your dreams. You are capable of more than you know.

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